The well-kept secret of supermarkets: have you noticed the missing detail when you go shopping?

The well kept secret of supermarkets have you noticed the missing

In supermarkets, it is well known, management implements a whole bunch of marketing strategies. One of them consists of removing an element which is nevertheless essential in our homes. What purpose ?

Supermarkets and hypermarkets, which have existed for more than 60 years, are frequented by millions of customers per day, are located in most cities and households devote an average budget of 488 euros per month to them, according to the Bonial barometer on the food trade. According to the Federation of Commerce and Distribution, in 2018, there were 2,267 hypermarkets and 5,974 supermarkets in France. Places known to everyone, and yet certain details often go unnoticed by customers. For example, do you know why there are no windows inside your supermarket?

When you shop in the supermarket aisles, you will notice that there is never (or it is very rare) a window overlooking the outside of the store. It would be a strategic choice made by the stores themselves and more precisely, it would be one merchandising strategy among many others. As indicated on the JRTech Solutions website, leader in electronic gondola labels found in this type of store, “the atmosphere, the music and the lighting” are part of a global experience that is put in place.

“Supermarket lighting is an important part of creating an inviting shopping experience for customers. Good lighting can be used to strategically highlight food items in different sections, creating an attractive visual presentation that will attract customers. consumer’s eye on the most carefully displayed products”, specifies the specialist in the field. Without any visible window, customers would lose track of time and would therefore spend more time in the store shopping. Like windows, this is also why there are generally no clocks in supermarkets, or they are not always visible. Ultimately, everything would be calculated to make you spend money!