The warning in the United States: Serious national security threat – in space

On Wednesday, February 14, Republican Mike Turner issued an unusual warning of a “serious national security threat” after new intelligence emerged.

The information should have been made available to all members of Congress, but Turner also wants some information to be made available for lawmakers to review and for allies of the United States.

Sources to CNN: “Very disturbing and destabilizing”

According to two of CNN’s sources, who are said to have seen the information, it concerns threats linked to Russia. Several sources call the threat “very worrying and destabilizing”.

– We just found out about this, says one of the sources to CNN.

According to sources to ABC should it be about Russia wanting to place nuclear weapons in space, in order to possibly knock out satellites.

White House: Can’t say anything

White House security adviser Jake Sullivan told American reporters during a press conference that they have a scheduled briefing with Mike Turner on Thursday – which now appears to have been preceded by Turner’s warning to Congress.

– I cannot say anything at the moment, he says.

– I am focused on meeting him and the others tomorrow.