The villains for Avatar 3 have already been chosen – and this time it’s Fire Na’vi

The villains for Avatar 3 have already been chosen

As Avatar: The Way of Water defends its number one spot on the box office, director James Cameron is working on his sequel gigantic science fiction saga. Avatar 3 has already been completely shot and is currently in post-production. But what exactly can we expect from part 3?

In a recent interview that Slashfilm overheard, the filmmaker talks about the future of the series and teases interesting villains for Avatar 3. While the humans have so far acted as opponents of the Na’vi, the danger lurks in Pandora itself in the next chapter. Get ready ready for the Ash People.

New Villains: Avatar 3 introduces us to the Ash People

The Ash People are the third major Na’vi tribe we encounter in the Avatar universe. After the Omatikaya in the forest and the Metkayina in the water comes this in the wake of the Ash People element of fire in the game. Cameron says:

I want to show the Na’vi from a different angle because I [bisher] only showed their good sides. In the first films there are very negative human examples and very positive Na’vi examples. In Avatar 3, we’re going to reverse that.

You can watch the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water here:

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water – Trailer (German) HD

With a less-peaceful Na’vi tribe, Pandora’s world is bound to get a whole lot more complex. Cameron works with it Criticism of the first two parts counter: With both Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water, the accusation arose that the films only paint a very simple picture of good and evil.

When will Avatar 3 be in cinemas?

We have to wait a lot shorter for Avatar 3 to hit theaters than for part 2. If everything goes according to plan, the sequel will be on December 18, 2024 in German cinemas.

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What do you want to see in Avatar 3?