The victory over the robots is celebrated with a parade and a full minute break for the players

Helldivers 2 has an exciting week behind it for players. Quite surprisingly, the Helldivers managed to defeat the Automaton faction. The reward for the effort fits the game.

Which victory is being celebrated? Since the game’s release, the Helldivers have been battling robots and bugs across the universe. At first the robots were quite unpopular and many players turned against the beetles. The general orders from the supreme command against the robots were also much narrower than the victories against the beetles.

Even the developers of Helldivers were surprised that players were able to mobilize so many people to go into battle against the robots. The new general orders were successfully completed by the Helldivers and the players also managed the final blow against the Automaton faction.

The robots are now said to have been removed from the galaxy once and for all and this is also being celebrated.

The new war bond “Democratic Detonation” is scheduled to appear on April 11th. You can see the trailer for it here:

Helldivers 2 – Warbond: Democratic Detonation Trailer

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A parade on Earth and a minute’s break as thanks

What did the Helldivers receive for their heroism? To celebrate the victory over the Automaton faction, there was a large celebration on Earth, centered around a parade.

In addition, the Helldivers received an extra minute of break for their bravery, minus the time it took to read the message. However, Helldivers who are currently on duty do not receive an extra break.

The reward for defeating the robots may seem small, but it fits well into the shooter role-playing game.

You can watch the parade here:

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How do players react to the reward? The Helldivers are happy about the extra minute break and the parade to celebrate their victory at home. On X (formerly Twitter), user @BringPSHome writes “A whole minute?! Yes!! I can finally say goodbye to my family without being late!”

@KartalEagleEye also replies on

The Helldivers’ thoughts also revolve around the future of the galaxy. Now that Democracy is free of the robots, players wonder what Game Master Joel will do next to endanger Over-Earth and the Helldivers.

@voicemod writes on X (formerly Twitter): “I’m so afraid of what’s coming…”

@augustow08 writes on X (formerly Twitter): “Something is brewing. Either in the south or closer to Cyberstan.”

Cyberstan is considered one of the places where the Helldivers suspect the target of the robots’ campaign, but with the victory we probably won’t find out what they wanted there for the time being. You can read the community’s guesses here: Helldivers 2 players think they’ve figured out the robots’ destination – and it’s not the over-Earth