The variant Omicron had a diplomatic passport

The variant Omicron had a diplomatic passport

According to the Botswana Ministry of Health, the virus was brought into the country by four diplomats!

The Omicron variant that is causing panic all over the world does not originate from Botswana, the southern African country as one might think. The authorities have even made this known in a press release.
Indeed, the Botswana Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced in a press release that four properly vaccinated diplomats arrived from third (but unspecified) countries on November 7, 2021 for a diplomatic mission. They tested positive on November 11, the date they were expected to return.
On November 24, sequencing of the virus identified the B1.1.529 variant, since named Omicron.

Jumping across borders

In other words, this frightening variant does not necessarily originate in Botswana. It has been identified or suspected in many countries such as Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Denmark, Australia, Israel, etc.
In short, closing the borders and suspending air flights is of little use. The Omicron variant does not respect borders. It has probably been circulating for several weeks in different countries around the world.