“The USA’s struggle with social media continues”

The USAs struggle with social media continues

New lawsuits have been filed against TikTok and Meta. “USA social media its struggle for platforms in different states progress

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin, “They are addictive” alleging that the platforms he called mislead consumers about the safety of children and deceiving users about the protection of private data. Meta And TikTok announced that a lawsuit has been filed against him. At the center of the lawsuit against Meta, according to the press release, “the company intentionally designs its social media apps to be addictive for young users” claim. In the lawsuit filed against TikTok and the developer company ByteDance, the companies said, “create an algorithm that shows explicit content to children” claim is in the center. The state of Arkansas states that this algorithm can cause significant harm by affecting children’s behavior. Arkansas isn’t content with just that. In a second lawsuit filed against TikTok and ByteDance, the companies said that American user data cannot be accessed by the Chinese government.false, deceptive and misleadingIt is alleged that he made statements.


Before this Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, His testimony before the congress in the USA and his statements there made a sound. For example, former Xiaomi executive Shou Zi Chew was asked how the app uses biometric data for users and how it determines the age of users. Chew explained that TikTok is asking users to provide their date of birth to determine their age. However, this method does not work exactly as intended, as children lie about their age when registering on social media applications.

Chew said that TikTok therefore scans shared videos to determine user ages. As far as it is reported, the videos they publish are checked to see if they match the age they entered, from here it can be determined if the user’s age is small. For this, all open videos are passed over with an automatic system, and as you can imagine, a large database is created. Some US companies also use such systems.

Shou Zi Chew was asked another important question as part of his statement. In the past year, ByteDance employees have determined the positions of journalists who critically covered the application (via IP addresses) was assumed to be used to track them. Four ByteDance employees, based in both the USA and China, were fired for accessing data to identify sources who leaked inside information to journalists, and this issue made a lot of noise. Exactly on this, Chew tells TikTok’s parent company ByteDance for American citizens. “espionage” He was asked if he did. Chew it “I don’t think espionage is the right term to describe it” gave the answer.