The USA was hit by a tornado: Thousands of people were left without electricity! Terrible balance sheet…

The USA was hit by a tornado Thousands of people

The tornado, which occurred in the US state of Kansas, gave citizens a hard time. In the state, nearly 100 houses were damaged due to the tornado, and 6,500 people were left without electricity. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued severe storm warnings for the states of Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.


Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell, at the press conference he held after the tornado that was effective in the region, stated that nearly 100 buildings were damaged in Sedgwick County and 3 people were injured, one of them seriously.


Saying that a second assessment will be made in the region today, Russell said, “We have not encountered any other injuries since last night. We know that there is no one trapped in the buildings at the moment.”