The US Stock Exchange is in red with concerns for the banking sector

The US Stock Exchange is in red with concerns for

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Bad session for Wall Streetwith the investor focus remains on the banking sector. First Republic Bank is still under pressure, despite the announcement that a number of large US banks, led by JPMorgan, citigroup, Bank of America And Wells Fargothey have deposited 30 billion dollars of uninsured funds. SVB Financial Group he instead stated that he presented reorganization application under the supervision of the court under the Chapter 11 to seek buyers for its assets, days after its Silicon Valley Bank unit was taken over by US regulators.

On the macroeconomic front, la was worse than expected industrial production in the United States in February, with manufacturing production rising marginally. In addition, US consumer confidence worsened in March and the February leading indicator.

Second Intesa Sanpaolo, however, the focus is on the data that can provide information on the risks of a banking crisis rather than on the macroeconomic ones. In this sense, the weekly publication of Fed balance sheet datayesterday, gave a picture of increased generalized stress on liquidity of the banks. Balance sheet assets increased by around 300 billion on a weekly basis, following the increase in the use of loan facilities to banks. Loans rose to $318bn from $15bn the previous week.

After a 50 basis point rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB), which remains focused on controlling inflation despite post-case concerns Credit Suisseinvestors are now looking to the Federal Reserve rate decisionscheduled for next week.

Negative session for Wall Streetwith the Dow Jones which is leaving 1.01% on the floor; along the same lines, widespread sales on theS&P-500, which continues the day at 3,925 points. Just below parity the NASDAQ 100 (-0.33%); as well, under parity theS&P 100which shows a decline of 0.64%.

In the S&P 500, no compartment is saved. Among the most negative of the S&P 500 list, we find the sub-funds financial (-2.97%), industrial goods (-1.60%) and secondary consumer goods (-1.37%).

Between protagonists of the Dow Jones, Microsoft (+1.40%) and Home Depot (+1.11%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, show up Travelers Company, which continues trading at -3.86%. The negative performance of JP Morganwhich drops by 3.27%. Goldman Sachs drops by 2.61%. Decided decline for Merckwhich marks a -2.41%.

To the top between Wall Street tech giantsthey position themselves Warner Bros. Discovery, (+2.03%), eBay (+1.71%), Microsoft (+1.40%) and Nvidia (+1.31%).

The strongest declines, however, occur on Enphase Energy, which continues the session with -8.85%. Under pressure Lucid Group, with a sharp drop of 3.72%. He suffers Paccar, which shows a loss of 3.44%. Prey of sellers Pdd Holdings Inc. Sponsored Adrwith a decrease of 3.15%.