The United Kingdom is “shocked by the bloodbath” in Gaza, denounces Rishi Sunak – L’Express

The United Kingdom is shocked by the bloodbath in Gaza

While the devastating war in the Gaza Strip Entering his seventh month on Sunday, April 7, Donald Trump displayed his half-hearted support for Israel, saying he was “not exactly sure I loved the way” Israel was carrying out its offensive. A break in his speech.

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⇒ Israeli strikes on eastern Lebanon

⇒ Trump more ambiguous on his support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza

⇒ The United Kingdom “shocked by the bloodbath” in Gaza, where the war “must end”

Israeli strikes on eastern Lebanon

Israeli strikes targeted eastern Lebanon at dawn this Sunday, April 7, where Hezbollah is strongly established, indicated a source close to this pro-Iranian formation, with the Lebanese Civil Defense not reporting any casualties. .

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The Israeli army confirmed this strike on its Telegram channel, claiming to have targeted Hezbollah sites in response to the destruction of one of its drones by this movement on Saturday over Lebanon. “Israeli strikes targeted two areas in the Bekaa plain”, Janta and Sifri, the source close to Hezbollah told the AFP correspondent in the Baalbek region (east).

Gaza: Canberra to appoint advisor in investigation into deaths of seven humanitarian workers

Australia will appoint a special advisor to work with Israel to ensure “transparency” in the investigation into the deaths in Gaza of seven aid workers, including an Australian, killed by an Israeli drone, the head of diplomacy announced Australian. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong told reporters on Saturday that information about the strike provided so far by Israel was not sufficient and that the government wants a “suitably qualified person” chosen by it monitors the investigations.

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Trump more ambiguous on his support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza

Donald Trump posed as the absolute defender of Israel during the outbreak of war with Hamas. But, after six months of conflict and 33,000 deaths in Gaza, the Republican is more vague on the unconditionality of this support. The former president, not really known for keeping his tongue in his pocket when it comes to international crises, only mentioned the issue half-heartedly in two recent interviews.

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“I’m not exactly sure I love the way” Israel is carrying out its offensive, the candidate campaigning for the White House told a radio host on Thursday. Referring to “videos of buildings collapsing”, the former leader estimated that Israel was “totally losing the communications war”.

UK ‘shocked by bloodshed’ in Gaza, where war ‘must end’

The United Kingdom is “shocked by the bloodshed” in Gaza and “this terrible war must end,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Saturday, six months after the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. “Six months have passed since the October 7 terrorist attack, the most horrific attack in Israel’s history,” the prime minister said in a statement.

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On October 7, Hamas commandos infiltrated from Gaza carried out an attack in southern Israel which resulted in the deaths of 1,170 people in Israel, the majority civilians killed the same day, according to an AFP count. based on official Israeli figures.

Large anti-Netanyahu mobilization in Israel after six months of war

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated against Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening in Israel. In Tel Aviv, 100,000 people, according to the organizers, gathered in “democracy square”, an intersection thus renamed since the monster parades of 2023 against a justice reform project defended by the Prime Minister but which does not did not succeed.

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Brandishing caricatures of “Bibi” and slogans hostile to the leader of the Likud (right) implicated in several legal proceedings, notably for corruption, they demanded his resignation without delay, demanding “elections now”, according to correspondents of the AFP.

Gaza’s largest hospital an ’empty shell’ strewn with corpses, says WHO

Gaza’s largest hospital has been reduced to an “empty shell” strewn with human remains by the latest Israeli operation against it, the World Health Organization (WHO) denounced on Saturday. Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza City’s al-Chifa hospital on Monday after a two-week operation, during which they said they battled Palestinian fighters inside what was the country’s largest compound. medical in the Palestinian territory.

A WHO-led mission was able to access the hospital on Friday, the UN agency said. “Al-Chifa, once the backbone of Gaza’s health system, is now an empty shell with graves,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wrote on X.