The UN Security Council votes for a ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council votes for a ceasefire in Gaza

The resolution is based on the agreement that the President of the United States Joe Biden presented at the end of May. In the text, which AFP has seen, the parties are asked to fully, and without other conditions, implement the provisions contained in the agreement.

Unlike previous draft resolutions, this version states that Israel has accepted the American proposal – something that has not been clarified by the Israeli government.

Israel’s close ally the United States has previously been criticized for blocking several proposals for resolutions on a cease-fire in Gaza.

The cease-fire proposal presented by the United States consists of three phases.

The first is valid for six weeks and involves a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from “all populated areas of the Gaza Strip” and the exchange of a number of hostages for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

Phase two is dependent on the parties first agreeing on “necessary arrangements”. But if that happens, it would mean a permanent end to the fighting, the release of all remaining living hostages and the withdrawal of all Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

In the third phase, the remains of hostages who are no longer alive must also be returned and a comprehensive reconstruction plan launched.