The TV4 viewers do not want Lamprecht to win Sweden’s Master Chef VIP

The TV4 viewers do not want Lamprecht to win Swedens

Sweden’s master chef VIP has offered a resounding season filled with funny, strange and stressful situations. Someone who quickly made headlines in the season was none other than Dominika Peczynski.

The first thing that happened was that there was a team competition where the participants had to compete two by two. Dominika Peczynski was then paired with Maria Montazami. The task was to beat a béarnaise.

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Dominika Peczynski and Maria Montazami in a team competition. Image source: TV4

Dominika got on with her thing without letting Maria decide, which ended up cutting the sauce. When during another moment she did not take the criticism from the jury member to heart Marcus Samuelsson then he finally growled.

– I try to give you advice, but you don’t listen, he said then.

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Dominika Peczynski was told both. Image source: TV4

The season has also been quite “bloody” and several of the participants have cut themselves more than once.

There have also been many tears shed as the participants take it all very seriously.

– I really feel that I want this and that it means a lot to me, said Maria Montazami when she stood in front of the jury.

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Anders Ekborg received a patch from Mischa Billing. Image source: TV4

Two pieces that excelled from the very beginning and episode after episode impressed the jury Philip Lamprecht and Tone Sekelius.

Perhaps that wasn’t why it turned out that in the final episode it will be between Tone and Filip.

Who will win Sweden’s Master Chef VIP 2024? Image source: TV4TV4 viewers’ verdict against Filip Lamprecht

In TV4’s comment field on Facebook, many viewers are now discussing which of the profiles they cheer for. And you can say that it is very even. But some have strong arguments why Filip shouldn’t win, but, it’s not as mean as it sounds.

Some of the comments under TV4’s Facebook. Image source: Facebook

Many believe that they are both equally talented, but that Tone deserves to win as Filip has already won “Hela kendis-Sverige bakar” and “Let’s dance”.

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Who it will be – you will see that on Wednesday at 20.00 on TV4.