The trial of Manse PP and Toni Kohonen was completed – the referee’s work spoke on the last day | Sport

The trial of Manse PP and Toni Kohonen was completed

Former players and two coaches were heard in the district court on Thursday. Among other things, it came up as to how a game director living in another town should be treated.

Manse PP and who got fired from the club in the spring of 2023 Toni Kohonen on the last day of the litigation between

During the day, it was also discussed who should have taken responsibility for the coaching and how the manager who lives in another town should be treated.

In the morning, the current game director of Sotkamon Jymy was heard Iiro Haimia. The former player has been the game director of Kouvola Ballonlöjien in 2022 and a long-time teammate of Toni Kohose.

Haimi was aware of Kohonen’s contract negotiations with Mansen and followed the process closely.

In 2022, Haimi also received an offer from Manse PP himself for the job of game director, which he did not take up. Haim was asked how much the club should define the duties of the game director they hire.

– The club chooses a person, after which the game manager does his job as he sees fit.

Helimo active

The time of day was also heard Jussi-Pekka Maunukselaawho helped Kohonen in coaching.

In November 2022, former chairman of Manse PP Matti Helimo made Maunuskela responsible for part of the training. Maunuksela said that he was surprised by the solution: he had the idea that Toni Kohose was responsible for the design.

The court was also heard by phone Jani from KomulaiManse PP’s current game director.

In February 2023, Helimo and the team captain Henri Puputti contacted Komulainen and asked him to be the game manager.

– I haven’t monitored working hours in Tampere either, said Komulainen.

As early as 2022, Koho was obliged to monitor working hours weekly in Tampere.

Komulainen is still Manse PP’s responsible game manager. The domicile is in Sotkamo.

– It is typical that in Superpes the game director lives in another town.

The District Court of Pirkanmaa will issue a verdict on the matter on Friday, February 23.