The trend break: Popular support for sending weapons to Ukraine is plummeting

The participants in the survey answered questions about, among other things, the EU’s response to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

The survey ended in August 2023 and the results were released a month later in September.

On the question of how the respondents view the EU’s financing and supplies of weapons to Ukraine, the Swedes have long been largely in agreement. But in the summer of 2023, something happened.

The same trend in neighboring countries

From topping the list and standing at around 90 percent for a year, Swedish support suddenly dropped to 77 percent.

The same trend is visible in our neighboring countries. Danish support fell from 89 to 76 percent. In Finland, the loss was somewhat smaller: from 89 to 83 percent.

Can continue down

Calle Håkansson, political scientist at the Department of Foreign Affairs, suspects that the numbers may continue to decline. The survey was carried out before the war between Hamas and Israel broke out.

– When more issues become relevant, it takes the public’s interest and of course it affects how one stands on continued military support for Ukraine, he says.