The train strike is getting closer – continued negotiations

The Seko trade union this week postponed its notice of strike from Thursday to Monday, at the request of the mediators, to give room for a final round of talks between the parties.

If Seko and the Almega train companies – which represent the employers – fail to reach an agreement before 3pm on Monday, the strike will break out. At 11pm on Sunday evening, negotiations were still ongoing.

The conflict mainly revolves around schedule issues and working hours. To some extent, the conflict also revolves around solitary work, which is an issue that received a lot of attention in connection with commuter train drivers going on wild strike in April.

The notification is designed in three steps. Step one means that the Öresund trains, commuter train traffic in Stockholm and certain SJ sections will be affected.

In stages two and three, the subway in Stockholm and more SJ lines will go on strike, and last in the chain also freight traffic on rails.