The Trailer of the Mysterious Island: Mençuna Movie Has Been Released!

The first trailer came from the movie Mysterious Island: Mençuna, which is in the status of a domestic movie and tells the story of 10 children who experience a video game in the real world.

In the film, where the story of his new game, which he designed in the real world instead of the digital environment with 10 children selected by the game designer, is told, names such as Şahin Irmak, Masal Günay, Öykü Günay, Berkay Özgür, Mert Erdoğan, Emir Sefa Yıldırım, Ünal Yeter and Leyla Günay take part.

Although the movie, which will be released on April 7 for the first time, appeals to young audiences, it is a very good option for individuals who want to spend quality time with their family.

Doruk Atasoy is a young man who is a digital game designer. Upon the criticism that games are addictive lately, Atasoy wants to prove that children can learn about life by playing. Atasoy, who made an announcement for this purpose, states that he will design his new game together with ten children to be selected. Children who will experience the game in the real world instead of on the phone will not have the opportunity to restart the game when they fail.

Mysterious Island: Mençuna, date 7 April 2023 It will take place in movie theaters together with it.

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