the tragic story of Laura’s family

the tragic story of Lauras family

At the trial of the July 14 attack in Nice, it was the second day, this Wednesday, September 21, devoted to the hearing of civil parties. Among them: the relatives of Laura, killed at 13, whose body remained unidentified for a long time. For more than two hours, four members of his family followed one another at the helm to recount the shock of the attack, the ordeal of the three days spent without being fixed on his fate, and the devastating effect of the tragedy on their home.

With our special correspondent at the Paris courthouse, Laura Martel

Their family has dislocated “, they confide. That evening, on the Promenade, Laura kisses my neck, says “I love you mom” and I kiss him back. At least we had this exchange “Blows Marie-Claude.

A few seconds later, the truck is there. ” I push my baby to the side, but suddenly I can’t see her anymore “recalls his mother.

For his father, it’s the black hole. ” Maybe without it, I could have saved her “Moves Jacques. To find his daughter, he screams her name until he loses his voice. With his injured wife, they go from body to body. In vain.

The next day, they are asked for a DNA sample. Literally mad with anguish, they are hospitalized.

It is therefore to Nicolas, 16, and especially to Lucie, 19, who were not on the Promenade, that the rest falls on this family. To them the cruel disappointments of false leads from social networks. To them the brutal announcement of a commissioner on July 17: ” The good news is that we found her, the bad news is that she is dead. »

To them too, in shock, in the psychiatric hospital: My father was lying down, his tears flowing, but he didn’t answer. My mother was screaming that we had to give Laura back to her. She grabbed me by the collar, it got a little out of hand “says Lucy.

Pain, guilt, blame… the family implodes. Lucie suffered from the burden of responsibilities that prevented her from experiencing her own loss. Nicolas fled this city too full of memories.

We no longer understood each other », Regrets Marie-Claude. As for Jacques, he can no longer look at Audrey, Laura’s twin, who chose to testify later, alone.

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