The tourist about the ski chaos: “Turned into an anthill”

The tourist about the ski chaos Turned into an anthill

During the Easter weekend, many ski-hungry tourists made their way to the ski resort of Saint Anton, Austria, to enjoy the beautiful slopes. But it doesn’t really look that peaceful and lovely, judging from the clips that are currently spreading on social media.

Clips from tourists are spreading on Tiktok showing the ski chaos with packed slopes with tourists. One of the clips has over 370,000 views at the time of writing.

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Swede on ski holiday in the chaos

News24 have talked to Michelle Stursson who is on a skiing holiday in Saint Anton. On Tiktok, she has shared the ski chaos. In one clip, she writes “The ski slope turned into an anthill”.

– It has more or less looked like the movie all weekend. However, much depends on the fact that it has been so extremely windy that the majority of the system has been closed. Very run up hills with big humps. Warm and rather poor snow when approaching the village. In normal cases, it is usually more open and not so many people in one and the same place, she tells Nyheter24.

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