The Tom of Finland XXL book was put on the list of banned literature in Russia Foreign countries

The Tom of Finland XXL book was put on the

In the Russian Duma, the list is called a working draft, even though the books can no longer be bought in the country’s online stores.

In Russian-language social media will be shared list of books supposedly banned due to the LGBT Propaganda Act. The list includes a book called Tom of Finland XXL, written by five authors.

The list includes, among other things Even Fedor Dostoyev book Netochka Nezvanova, Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray novel, by Giovanni Boccaccio Decamerone work, British Stephen Fry Making History novel and several by Stephen King books. There are a total of 250 books on the list.

Russian magazine Agentstvo noticed, that many of the books mentioned in the list can no longer be found in Russia’s largest online stores. The Tom of Finland XXL book is still only available Respublika– from the bookstore.

However, the Russian online marketplace Megamarket confirmed to the Kommersant magazine that the store has withdrawn from sale the books mentioned in the list.

Member of Parliament of the ruling United Russia party Alexander Hinshtein told In Telegram , that the list has been prepared by the Federation of Internet Trade Companies. According to him, the companies had prepared the list before the LGBT law was approved in Russia.

– Dostoyevsky, Proust, Platonic, Zweig’s, Murakami’sWilde’s books, like all other classics, are not at risk according to our laws against LGBT propaganda, emphasized Hinshtein.

Chairman of the Association of Internet Trade Companies Artyom Sokolov confirmed Creating a list for the RBK news service. He clarified that the purpose of the list is to show which books could be banned because of LGBT propaganda.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a legislative package on LGBT propaganda at the end of 2022. The “International LGBT movement†was banned in Russia as an extremist organization at the end of last year at the request of the Russian Ministry of Justice.