The textile and wallpaper giant in bankruptcy – after 20 years: “Heavier than I thought”

The textile and wallpaper giant in bankruptcy after 20

In 2002, the wallpaper and textile store Tapetorama opened on Rådmansgatan in Malmö. Until today, the store has been a leader in wallpaper and textiles.

They have also run an e-commerce that has been a leader in Scandinavia with its large range of wallpaper and textiles, which several media have reported on.

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Scandinavia’s leading wallpaper and textile store goes bankrupt

But these days, Tapetorama’s owner filed for bankruptcy after a period of poor earnings. According to All companies and the company’s accounting, Tapetorama should have made a loss of one million kroner in 2022, last year’s figures are not yet clear.

Now a bankruptcy sale will start, both in the store in Malmö and online.

– I’ve lived for a while with the feeling that it might turn out like this, but Wednesday was still heavier than I thought, says the owner Dan Johansson to South Sweden.

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Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TTThat’s why the store went bankrupt – according to the bankruptcy trustee

One of the reasons why Tapetorama had to file for bankruptcy, according to the bankruptcy trustee Johan Schubert could be due to people renovating less nowadays.

– They are typical consumer goods and people renovate less and so on, he says Break it and continues:

– That is what has made it no longer work.

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