The test server is live, but without the new season theme – Blizzard explains the reason

The test server in Diablo 4 is in full swing and you can test the new updates for Season 4 there for a few more days. However, you won’t find a season theme there. The developers recently explained why.

The PTR (public test server) went live in Diablo 4 on April 2nd and since then players have been testing the fresh content that will be coming to the game in Season 4. Many features are really well received, especially the “new” hell flood that wants to hunt you down and hunt you down.

Some players may be surprised that there is no season theme on the PTR and none is known yet. The developers discussed the reason for this on March 21st, before the start of the PTR, on X (formerly Twitter). Basically, they want you to fully concentrate on the updates.

In Season 3, the leaderboards moved into Diablo 4 and will continue to exist afterwards. You can find out more about the leaderboards in the video:

Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there

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The changes should be the focus

On There the developers reported on the changes coming to Diablo 4 in Season 4. The loot system in particular is getting a huge overhaul.

In the comments under the post, users ask when the new season theme will be announced. Piepiora replies: “Sometime after the PTR shuts down. There is nothing more to reveal at the moment.” In another comment, he also notes that the season theme cannot be tested on the PTR.

What is the reason for that? When asked what the reason for the decision was, the game director wrote in a comment:

We want to keep the focus on the changes we announced in the livestream today and will benefit tremendously from the attention on the PTR.

Joseph Piepiora on X

How does the community react? In the comments, users seem to be divided. “Pheeve009” writes on X: “I don’t really know. None of the season’s themes have gone smoothly […] Theme is one of the most important features we interact with, it should be tested.”

And “MrCleman1” says on X: “To be honest, I think it was a smart decision, the season theme wasn’t [auf dem PTR] to test. Sure, it could benefit from it, but in this case it also really takes away from the surprise/newness. Just testing the hard changes to the base game is probably a better approach.”

how do you see it? Would you like to see and test the season theme on the PTR? Or would you rather let yourself be surprised?

The developers extended the current Season 3 of Diablo 4 due to the PTR, meaning Season 4 will start later than planned. The content that you are currently testing in the PTR will only be able to be played “properly” in May, instead of in April as originally planned.

If you’re just getting started, perhaps via Game Pass, we’ve put together a few tips for you to prepare for the new season: If you’re starting Diablo 4 with Game Pass now, you should definitely do a few things before Season 4