The taunting of Henrik Lundqvist for the detail on the sports car – which made him drive straight back to the car dealer

Henrik Lundqvist had just received his brand new Lamborghini.
But one detail caused the teammates to break out in anger.
Then there was nothing else for “Henke” to do but go straight back to the car dealer.

Henrik Lundqvist is now retired and an expert on television, but his work for the New York Rangers in the NHL will never be forgotten. For just over 15 years, Lundqvist was one of the world’s absolute best goalkeepers, and during all those years he was the face of the Rangers organization. To say that Lundqvist was a crowd favorite is a major understatement, and it was also what earned him the nickname “King Henrik”.

Henke’s move

Henrik Lundqvist was not only skilled on the ice. He was a leader for his team, and a role model for the younger ones. Anyone who played with Lundqvist can attest to the efforts he made for team cohesion, and how important he was to the winning mentality in the club. And that led to a really close-knit team, no matter what year it was.

– We always hung out, all of us. We did everything together, says former NHL player Brian Boyle, who played for the Rangers from 2009 to 2014.

171221 Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist grimaces during the NHL ice hockey game between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers on December 21, 2017 in New Jersey. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN

Boyle also believes that there was a lot of banter between the players in Rangers, and particularly remembers the time when Henrik Lundqvist had bought a brand new Lamborghini, but something was a little odd about it.

– Henrik had just bought a Lamborghini, and he had specially designed it. He says he hadn’t asked the company to do it, but when he shows up… Lamborghini has a special font on the back, but when we go to practice, we saw what Henke had done, says Boyle.

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Had to change

The odd thing about Lundqvist’s Lamborghini? Instead of the classic text on the back, Henke’s surname was written in the same font.

– The guy had to double check that he was looking right, but then he saw it: It didn’t say “Lamborghini”, but it said “Lundqvist”. Immediately, the white hockey tape came out of the dressing room!, says Boyle.

190510 Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist of Sweden looks dejected after the 2-2 goal during the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship game between Czech Republic and Sweden on May 10, 2019 in Bratislava. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN

Of course, the teammates couldn’t keep from mocking Henrik Lundqvist – and it all ended with him having to go back to the car dealer to fix his “mistake”.

– We pressed the tape on each car, and then we wrote our own names on our cars. When we passed Hank, everyone honked and then we pointed to the back of our names. Henrik came in the next day and immediately said: “How come everyone teases me all the time?”. We just said: “Shut up!”, and two days later there was Lamborghini on the back of the car again.

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