The tallow sat in Robin’s beard

We have probably all seen birds sitting on branches.
But for a bird to sit in a beard, and stay there, is much rarer.
The latter happened to Robin when he was on a mountain hike.

Earlier this spring, Robin Nilsmark and his partner Maria were on a mountain hike in Sweden’s largest national park, also one of the country’s most remote places, Padjelanta National Park. On the way there, they were crossing the Sarek National Park when the unexpected happened.

Looking for food

Just as Robin and Maria were about to set up the tent on Calffjäll, a talgoxe came flying. The bird was very curious and approachable and started running around their feet, to the point where the couple almost had to take it easy and walk carefully so as not to step on the bird. The bird came closer and closer and finally it settled in Robin’s beard where it remained for quite a while. Since they were on a Calfjäll plateau, where food is scarce this time of year, Robin thinks the bird was looking for food. This because the talgox quickly began to peck at his fingers and try to taste them.
– Birds don’t usually seek out my beard. But my partner usually points out that I might have leftover food in my beard, he says in Efter fem.

Got a visit from more talgox

But the bird bit into the beard, there was no food there. So the bird flew away. Later during Robin and Maria’s mountain hike, more tallows came to visit, which the couple think were also looking for food. Just when they both thought they’d seen it all, and when they both got the tent up, there was another talegoxe. This one was curious of a different kind, namely it came in and sat in the tent, and looked at the mountain-walking tourists.