The Swedish response after the giant rage against referee Glenn Nyberg in the Champions League – the perfect pass: “A big mistake”

Bayern Munich were absolutely furious with the referee’s effort.
Now comes the Swedish answer after the Champions League drama.
– They should pay tribute to Glenn (Nyberg) instead, says head referee Martin Ingvarsson to Aftonbladet.

The Champions League meeting between Arsenal and Bayern Munich was very eventful on Tuesday evening. The match at the Emirates ended 2-2 after great drama and a Swede ended up in the middle of the action.

Anger towards Nyberg

The head judge Glenn Nyberg had a really sweaty evening and two heavily debated penalty situations to keep track of. It was in the 67th minute of the match that the Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes suddenly picked up the ball with his hands in the penalty area after the Swedish referee called the game on.

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Bayern’s Harry Kane during a German Bundesliga soccer match between SV Darmstadt 98 and Bayern Munich in Darmstadt, Germany, Saturday, March 16, 2024. (AP Photo/Michael Probst) ajm119

It got the Germans and mainly the head coach Thomas Tuchel to go completely insane. Bayern Munich think it was a clear penalty to blow for.
– The referee made a big mistake. I know it was a crazy situation. They put the ball down, he (Nyberg) blew and the defender took the ball with both hands, says Tuchel at the press conference after the final whistle.
– We should have received a clear penalty when the referee blew his pipe, the goalkeeper passed the ball and Gabriel picked it up. It is the clearest penalty I have ever seen, says the attacking star Harry Kane in a statement.

The Swedish answer

Now comes the Swedish answer and the Swedish elite referee coach Martin Ingvarsson cannot at all understand the great anger in Germany.
– Common sense prevails in that situation. I have not received any feedback from Uefa. But I would be extremely surprised if they would tone it down, says Ingvarsson to Aftonbladet.

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UPPSALA 20230916 Referee Glenn Nyberg during Saturday’s Allsvenskan football match between IK Sirius FK and Varbergs Bois FC at Studenternas in Uppsala. Photo: Staffan Claesson / TT / code 70630

The Swedish referee profile sends back a cocky reply that Bayern should be happy about Glenn Nyberg’s refereeing effort in the Champions League match.
– A pressured soon-to-be former coach in Bayern should perhaps pay tribute to Glenn instead of the fantastic assessment he makes at the end of the match. In real time on television, it looks like punishment. But when you watch it on replay, it is clear that Saka initiates the contact on Neuer’s leg. Incredibly sharp of Glenn to instinctively assess it from a very good position, says Ingvarsson to the evening newspaper and concludes with the following words:
– I have spoken to Glenn, who is now preparing for the match in round three in the Allsvenskan.

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