The Swedes’ sensational trick at the Lahti World Cup still speaks volumes – criticism from Norway’s star skiers for breaking the rules

The Swedes sensational trick at the Lahti World Cup still

Moa Ilar was disqualified from the sprint competition due to unsportsmanlike behavior. At times, something similar has been looked down upon in the International Ski Federation.

The skiing World Cup season is behind us, but the Salpausselkä competitions and especially their line of judges still speak volumes. Helped his teammate in the start of the sprint race Moa Ilar was completely disqualified from the competition due to unsportsmanlike behavior.

Just before the finish, Ilar let go of the skier with a broken pole Maja Dahlqvist’s still. Dahlqvist, who advanced to the semi-finals thanks to the trick, also ensured himself the victory of the sprint cup.

Norwegian skiers need clearer instructions from the International Ski Federation on what is allowed in the Games. After the events in Salpauselkä, several national team skiers have criticized the ski association for the unclear line.

– It cannot be the case that just because it is more obvious, it must be punished more severely. In this case, it becomes difficult to evaluate, Paul Golberg rate for NRK (you switch to another service).

Ilar says that he only thought about his teammate’s interests.

– Then and there it seemed like the right decision. One could argue that I ran out of strength. You can’t know that, Ilar argued.

About the Norwegian national team skiers Johannes Hösflot Kläbo and Ingvild Flugstad Östberg are on the same lines as Golberg that the FIS should make a more precise line about what constitutes team tactics and what constitutes unsportsmanlike behavior.

According to the rules of the International Ski Federation, “any kind of manipulation of sports results is prohibited, as it can undermine confidence in the sport and the result, which would have been natural”.

– They definitely need to look at the rules. There are always two sides, but for Dahlqvist the situation was decisive. It was perhaps a bit too clear, Kläbo estimated.

There have been similar cases in the past, which, according to Östberg, emphasizes the need for clearer rules.

– How can you judge whether someone is giving their all or not? In such situations, there is always a word for a word, emphasized Östberg.

One example can be found at the 2020 Tour de Ski. Then Erik Valnes allowed Pål Golberg, who fought for the Tour victory, to the sprint final. Valnes survived the situation without punishment.

– We think the line is a bit too inconsistent, Golberg said.

On the back of Switzerland Nadine Fähndrich led the sprint cup before the final race with 21 points. Fähndrich was asked if the move was unsportsmanlike.

– It’s hard to say. They are a team. Of course they help each other, the Swiss said after the race.

The Finns, on the other hand, understood the actions of the Swedish duo.

– It was nicely done by Moa Ilar. It showed the team spirit of the Swedes. Maja had pretty big pots in that game, for example Jasmi Joensuu stated.

The skiing season on ‘s channels continues with the Finnish Cup in Rovaniemi on April 15-16.