The survival game V Rising is available on PS5 from today, after it launched as an insider tip on Steam 2 years ago

Players can now play the survival hit V Rising on PS5. The full version was released on Steam about a month ago and is very popular there.

What kind of game is this? In V Rising you play a vampire who has lost his power and must rebuild his empire. To do this, you must collect resources such as wood and stones, as is classic in the survival genre – but also blood from animals, people and powerful bosses. The twist of the game: As a creature of the night, you are the danger.

The game places a great deal of emphasis on the action-packed combat system for which the developers at Stunlock Studios are known with titles such as Battlerite or Bloodline Champions.

In addition to the typical features such as base building and exploration, V Rising also offers an RPG component. With weapons and skills, you can choose your own play style and also play as a tank or healer in co-op.

The game can be played either alone or with friends in co-op on your own servers. There are also official servers for multiple players. Some of these are designed for PvP and offer full loot, so even hardcore players get their money’s worth.

Here you can watch the trailer for the full version of V Rising:

V Rising: The launch trailer for the survival game with vampires on Steam and PS5

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Today, players can look forward to the PS5

Which version will the PS5 get? After the number of players of V Rising exploded with the 1.0 version, V Rising is now also available on the PS5. As the developers announced in their dev blog (via, more than 4 million people have already played V Rising, and PS5 players can now get their hands on it for €39.99.

The PS5 has also received the full version and can look forward to new features such as new bosses, new areas, new enemies, and a new DLC with characters from the iconic Castlevania series.

Why is V Rising so popular? V Rising entered early access on Steam in May 2022 and was an insider tip among survival games during development. The game is particularly popular with players who don’t normally play survival games. On Steam, 88% of the more than 81,000 reviews are positive.

This may also be due to the well-implemented base building, which allows you to build impressive castles. You can then decorate these with all kinds of decorations to make your home as comfortable or spooky as possible.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, the hunt for bosses and the improvements that come with it are particularly well received. If you defeat a boss, you get new abilities, can learn spells or get recipes for additional buildings.

V Rising did so well on Steam that it landed in second place among the survival games. Even on the PS5, the game already has over 450 reviews as of the evening of June 11th, of which 75% are 5 stars. While Palworld had to admit defeat, V Rising was unable to overtake one game: Only Rust is bigger: Survival game with vampires has 132,000 players on Steam, is in second place in the genre