The surprise of the World Cup and the Finnish coach celebrate with a laugh – EPN’s expert warns of a pitfall

The surprise of the World Cup and the Finnish coach

For the first time in its history, Germany is playing in the final match of the current World Cup tournament. Urheilu’s expert Juha Juujärvi thinks about whether Germany can recharge mentally for the World Cup final.

On Sunday, the historic World Cup final will be seen in Tampere, because Germany has never been in the final match of the current World Cup tournament.

In return, Germany will receive Canada, for which the final place is the fourth in a row. Of the three finals, Canada won one and lost two against the Lions.

Sports expert Juha Juujärvi accepts Germany’s place in the final with great pleasure.

– Germany has played a good team game throughout the tournament, but they have also brought out individual skills. They have been efficient and played balanced hockey.

Germany was already on the bridge

Germany advanced to the final in dramatic fashion, as they leveled against the United States in 58:37 and decided the game in overtime from their only place.

Germany’s story is interesting. Jättilälttätä already in the quarter-finals sailed to the Swiss choir, which grew to be the champion favorite in the games.

The team started the tournament with three losses, after which they practically had to win the next four games to reach the playoffs.

The next place was secured only on the final day of the group, when Germany defeated France 5–0. Thus, Denmark had no stake against Leijon.

– It served them that they could play hard games and develop and see what it takes to win. When they got into winning mode, it has fueled their confidence.

– Now, however, they fanned out quite violently for a place in the final. Pekka Kangasalustan the management seemed to have a really hard victory celebration after the game. It was a genuine emotional reaction, no offense to them, but Sunday is coming up fast.

An emotional victory

After the victory, Germany celebrated wildly and for a long time both on the ice and in the booth.

Juujärvi wonders if Germany will be able to recharge mentally for the World Cup final in a short time, although the final match will surely fire up the players.

The expert reminds that it was the opponent Canada who finally advanced against Latvia with a routine performance. Vaahteralehti also has a lot of potential to improve from the semifinal match.

– Can Germany beat the best on the counter and improve the necessary step? Especially the beginning of the game is important.

– Canada often starts with a hard charge and Germany had a lot of trouble at the beginning of the game. Now that this emotional victory came, it plays a big role in how they are able to handle this.

Investments produce results

After the Leijoni’s quarter-final defeat, the state of Finnish hockey has been looked at more critically in Finland and thought about where there could be room for improvement.

According to Juujärvi, Germany’s place in the final is also proof that Finland’s competitors are working really hard at the moment.

– In Germany, they have invested in junior activities for a long time and it is undoubtedly reflected in the success of the national team and their player production.

There are also more and more Germans at the sharpest point of the NHL.

– This is very welcome.

– At the same time, Latvia must also be highlighted. This is a good sign that these teams have not been involved in the World Cup for nothing. International activities have been beneficial in that competitiveness tightens and the level expands.

Juujärvi sees that in the World Cup final you can see an extremely precise game. Canada already played very precisely against Finland and through counter-attacks.

Germany’s playing, on the other hand, has had many of the same features as Finland’s.

– Germany tries to defend and attack with good rhythms as a five. The game can become precise, but I think that the possibility of winning the world championship raises the feeling so high that we also see aggressive and active attacking play.

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