The Sun and the Moon would (a little) influence living beings

The Sun and the Moon would influence a little the

The Moon and the Sun move in space following a well-crafted choreography. And varying the gravitational forces exerted on the Earth. Are these gravimetric tides strong enough to influence behavior or at least the rhythms of biological activities? Yes, say researchers today.

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Since the dawn of time, popular belief has said that our behavior is influenced by the phases of the moon. The legend of the werewolf. But the scientific studies carried out on this subject have never been able to show obvious effects. Never. Until today, maybe … Because a international team presents disturbing results. They suggest that the activity rhythms – if not the behaviors themselves – of all biological organisms – both animals and plants – could be closely related to gravity tides. Understand, to the orbital mechanics of the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

For example, researchers have worked on the behavior of small crustaceans who have lived on our coasts for at least 300 million years. In the wild, these animals move through the waters at a rate of about 12.4 hours. In connection with the luni-solar dynamics. But in the laboratory, other conditions being controlled, this rhythm seems to want to persist.

Cycles punctuated by the Moon and the Sun

The researchers also noted cyclical patterns, daily and monthly, during germination tests of different cash. Models that seem to agree with local variations in gravitational forces. However small they are.

In conclusion, the team suggests that the interactions of organisms with weak gravity tidal forces are a key and determining driver, sufficient to cause biological rhythms. Without deducting the role of genes circadians in this process orchestrating physiologies and behaviors which seems extremely complex.

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