The Stranger Things star wants her character dead in Season 5 — and she already has a plan

The Stranger Things star wants her character dead in Season
Stranger Things season 4 has excited many fans again. But now it’s time to wait for the final 5th season and hope that the heroes from Hawkins survive the big showdown. At least for some. For Robin actress Maya Hawke wants to see her character die.Robin is supposed to die in Stranger Things season 5 and Maya Hawke already knows how

She revealed this to Rolling Stone:

I would love to die and get a hero scene. Like any actor, I would like to die with honor. But the [Stranger Things-Schöpfer Matt und Ross Duffer] write so well because they love their actors and their roles and don’t want to kill them. That’s a beautiful attitude that I don’t want to miss.

It remains to be seen how many Stranger Things fans can relate to Hawke’s wishes. Whether Steve’s (Joe Keery) Scoops Ahoy colleague Robin is in mortal danger or even dies in season 5, is in any case not foreseeable.

When is Stranger Things season 5 coming to Netflix?

Stranger Things season 5 won’t air until Spring or Summer 2024 start. Enough time, then, for Hawke to reconsider her penchant for heroic death. And Netflix subscribers can enjoy a happy ending. Also for Robin.

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Should Robin die in Stranger Things season 5?