the start of #MeToo in the hospital

the start of MeToo in the hospital

Infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe accuses Patrick Pelloux of moral and sexual harassment and opens the way to freedom of speech in the hospital environment. She called the emergency doctor a “predatory doctor” in her book published in October.

“Yes, that’s who it is.” With these few words entrusted to Paris Matchresearcher and infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe confirmed that the “predatory” doctor in her book, Women will save the hospital, indeed echoes the attitude of Patrick Pelloux. In the interview, published Wednesday April 10, the author spoke about the “behavior marked by sexual domination” of the emergency doctor she worked with at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris.

Karine Lacombe accuses Patrick Pelloux of “sexual and moral harassment”, which would have transformed into “blatant ostracism and several episodes of humiliation”, after she had rejected his advances. She also denounces the “total impunity” from which the man benefited.

40% of victims choose to say nothing

After this interview, the researcher announced to Parisian having received numerous testimonials from healthcare professionals. “There was a need for public speaking out to free up private speaking out,” she declared.

BFMTV relay a investigation of the National Association of Medical Students of France (Anemf) on gender-based and sexual violence published in March 2021. More than 15% of medical students said they had suffered sexual assault during their university studies. According to the study, 40% of victims of sexual harassment choose not to report the facts, thinking that it would do no good.