the Stanislas school once again targeted by a scandal

the Stanislas school once again targeted by a scandal

A former boarding school teacher at the Stanislas private school will be tried for acts of “violence” committed against students between 2012 and 2018.

A former boarding school teacher at the Parisian Stanislas school is accused of “violence” committed between 2012 and 2018 within the establishment. He will be tried on September 9 in Valenciennes, according to the prosecution. Six students who were then in preparatory class in this private Catholic high school denounced “violence such as whippings, kicks, slaps behind the head, being pinned to the ground, insults, as well as psychological control” , again according to a press release from the Valenciennes public prosecutor’s office.

This man worked “in several Catholic establishments in Ile-de-France”. In 2001, he was indicted for “rape and sexual assault by a person abusing his position within the Saint-Martin-De-France boarding school”, for acts committed between June 30 and 1, 2001, on a 17 year old student. He will be placed under judicial supervision with “a ban on coming into contact with the victim”. The man contested the facts, but conceded an “authoritarian attitude regarding the latest alleged facts”, according to the prosecution.

The Stanislas school already singled out

The Stanislas school is already in turmoil since the former Minister of Education Amélie Oudéa-Castera claimed to have educated her children there because hours were “not seriously replaced” in public schools. A National Education report also reported “drifts in the application of the association contract” of the establishment with the State. The text also underlined “personal convictions” of several catechists on “abortion” but also on homosexuality, which could be qualified criminally.