The spring heat is here to stay – it can be 20 degrees

The spring heat is here to stay it can

Published: Just now

After a long and cold start to spring, warmer weather is finally here to stay.

The coming week offers sunshine and high temperatures.

– We have a lovely spring week to look forward to, with good chances of sunshine in basically the whole country, says meteorologist Hanna Winge.

The beginning of May has been colder than usual, but the coming week now promises warmer weather.

At best, the temperature can reach up to the 20-degree mark, and for those who have had time to do something nice on the balcony, the happy news awaits that the frosty nights are finally over.

Starting from Monday, sunshine is expected throughout the country.

– Warm air has moved in over the country and looks set to remain across the country during both this and next week. I think that you can say that spring is really here now, says meteorologist Hanna Winge at the Klart weather service.

Good sun chances

During Tuesday, however, the cloudiness will increase from the west, and locally there may be individual showers. However, the eastern part of the country will also get sun on Tuesday.

– It will be a little more unsettled in the middle of the week, with clouds and rain showers in places, but it is not a severe storm we are talking about.

On Wednesday, cloudy weather moves in, with local rain showers in Norrland. However, the rest of the country has good chances of sunshine.

During Thursday, it will be cloudy in the southwestern parts of the country, while the eastern landscapes and northern Norrland will get sun.

full screen The spring heat is here to stay. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Similar weather is expected to last over the weekend, and into the beginning of next week.

In terms of temperature, it will be around 15–20 degrees in the south, while in the north it is expected to be around 10–15 degrees.

At night, it is at zero degrees, and three to four plus degrees in the north, while it approaches eight to ten plus in the south.

High levels of pollen

For those who yearn for proper warmth, it is important to stay outdoors during Saturday, which is expected to be the hottest day, with temperatures touching the 20-degree mark in the south.

fullscreen Birch pollen. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

– As I said, the whole week is generally nice, but on Saturday it looks like it will be the hottest. Throughout the country in general, says Hanna Winge and continues:

– There is a fairly small risk that there will be any major setbacks in the future as it is so hot at night.

Even during the next week, the warm air will stay. But for those who have already started to feel the pollen season, it will be tougher.

– It looks like there will be quite a lot of birch pollen in the coming week, in principle the entire southern part of the country has high levels of this.