The sports studio returns to EPN’s channels today – take part in the vote and you can win a beanie

The sports studio returns to EPNs channels today take

The first broadcast of the sports studio’s winter season is on Saturday. At the same time, the domestic skiing season begins.

The current weekend is quite a super weekend of sports on the channels. ‘s channels closely follow, for example, NHL hockey in Tampere and Vuokatti’s Finnish Cup skiing.

You can find all the broadcast information for the weekend’s sports in this article.

This Saturday will also see the opening of the season of the Sports Studio, known from previous winters. The sports studio starts on Saturday at 12:20 on TV2, Areena and the app.

On both Saturday and Sunday, a sports studio beanie will be drawn among those who voted.

Saturday’s voting question reads: “Which event are you most looking forward to from the season of Urheilustudio?”

Voting options and voting can be found below! Voting is open and closes on Saturday at 14:45.

Voting requires logging in with credentials.