The spinach frog has been killed – the reason: “We know too little”

It was last week that 21-year-old Izabell Grundquist was surprised by something unexpected in the middle of cooking. She had just opened the newly purchased bag of baby spinach when a green, alive, frog jumped out.

– It just flew out. It has jumped all over the kitchen, Izabell told TV4 Nyheterna.

She handed the frog over to frog expert Martin Johansson, where it was allowed to live in a terrarium for several days.

Has been euthanized

Since the green, exotic frog was found, a discussion between authorities has been going on about what should happen to the amphibian – finally the responsibility was placed on the Swedish Agricultural Agency.

Now it has been euthanized.

“The short answer is that we know too little about the frog’s origins. Our assessment is therefore that the frog can neither be released into the wild nor kept in captivity, for infection prevention and animal welfare reasons,” writes Jenny Lejonberg to Aftonbladet in an email.

TV4 Nyheterna has applied for the Swedish Board of Agriculture.