The special prosecutor is not going to press criminal charges against Biden for handling secret documents | Foreign countries

Joe Biden says he will respond to the attack that

According to The Washington Post, special prosecutor Rob Hur’s report will be published in the next few days.

In the United States, the special prosecutor is not going to recommend that the president Joe Biden criminal charges would be brought against them for handling classified documents, writes a US newspaper The Washington Post based on the information they received. According to the newspaper, the special prosecutor Rob Hurin a report on the subject is scheduled to be published in the next few days.

The Justice Department’s report criticizes the way Biden and his aides handled sensitive material after Biden’s term as vice president, but states that the actions in question do not constitute crimes.

The investigation has been about classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president, which were found in 2022 in Biden’s former office and in his apartment.

In recent weeks, intelligence officials have been reviewing the special counsel’s report and considering how much of the classified material should be revealed because the report must be sent to Congress and released to the public.

Different from the Trump case

former president of the United States Donald Trump is accused, among other things, of keeping secret documents related to national security at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. On June 13, 2023, Trump denied the charges.

The Washington Post writes that based on what is publicly known about the two classified documents investigations, the Trump investigation appears to be significantly different from the Biden investigation.

The number of classified documents related to the Biden investigation appears to be much smaller – less than 20 in Biden’s case, compared to around 300 in Trump’s case.

What also separates the cases is that federal prosecutors began to suspect Trump was deliberately misleading them and hiding some highly sensitive documents even after he received a grand jury subpoena demanding their return.

Biden has said he cooperated with investigators and handed over the documents as soon as they were found.

of The Washington Post by showing deliberate intent to misappropriate national security secrets is often a key factor in prosecution decisions involving classified documents.

Sources: STT, AFP