The Speaker of the Swedish Diet gave Ulf Kristersson, the chairman of the moderate coalition, the position of Government Secretary

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On Monday, the Speaker of the Parliament, Andreas Norlén, met individually with the leaders of the parliamentary parties. The speaker is scheduled to officially propose a new prime minister to Sweden next week at the opening of the Diet.

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Speaker of the Swedish Diet Andreas Norlén today began the process of forming the country’s new government.

At a press conference held by Norlén in the afternoon, he said that he had given the chairmanship of the moderate coalition For Ulf Kristersson mandate for the government’s confessions. If the tests are successful, Kristersson will become Sweden’s new prime minister.

On Monday, Norlén met the chairmen of the moderate coalition, the Swedish Democrats, the Center Party, the Left Party, the Environmental Party, the Greens, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals, in the order listed, during the morning and afternoon.

The only chairman of the parliamentary parties that the speaker did not meet today was the leader of the Social Democrats and the current prime minister Magdalena Anderssonwith whom Norlén had already discussed last week in connection with Andersson’s request for resignation.

A decision on the new board possibly next week

The speaker can propose a new prime minister for the country at the opening of the Diet next week on Tuesday, September 27. Today’s discussions with the Speaker were related to the ongoing government negotiations.

– We have been negotiating since Thursday. The negotiations have gone well, Kristersson told the media today before his meeting with the speaker.

Kristersson did not answer the question whether the primary government option is a coalition of the moderate coalition, the Christian Democrats and the liberals, or only a government formed by the moderate coalition and the Christian Democrats.

Evening newspaper Expressen (you switch to another service) according to the information, the moderate coalition would also prefer to include liberals in the government.

Chairman of the largest right-wing party, the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson said after the meeting with the speaker that he still supports a majority government in Sweden, which would also mean that the Swedish Democrats could join the government.

However, Åkesson did not want to comment on the situation of the negotiations in more detail.

Chairman of the Liberals Johan Pehrson said for his part after the meeting with the speaker that the liberals do not support inviting the Sweden Democrats to the government.

There is no known support for a right-wing government from the left-wing parties, so the government alternative negotiated between the right-wing parties requires the support of the entire right-wing bloc in the Diet.

The right-wing parties won 176 seats in the Diet, while the left-wing parties got 173 seats.

Kristersson promised that the moderate coalition would inform about the progress of the consultations on Sunday of this week.

Andreas Öbrink, political editor of the Swedish public broadcasting company SVT, estimated from the Diet today that the new government could be put together by the end of September.