The sound life of Algiers – Listening to the world

Do we know how to talk about our listening, how to describe it? Algerian filmmaker Yazid Arab talks about his way of listening to the city. He delivers his portrait of Algiers, in words and sounds.

Director Yazid Arab, author of the film White Notes tells the story of the city of Algiers from the sounds that inhabit it: calls to prayer, the voices of posticheurs who occupy the markets and sidewalks, the receivers in the buses, the sound effects of ships and cars… This soundtrack gives an imprint to the sound memory of Algiers and makes it unique in the Mediterranean. For this unique director, awarded at the Amazigh festival in 2011, sound makes it possible to give life to a city, to animate it, to situate it in a concrete context, to endow it with realism.


This episode is a rerun of 03/09/2019. The sound recordings of the city of Algiers were produced by Yazid Arab, also a contributor to the participatory platform ofListen to the world,

Both a radio program broadcast every Sunday in the RFI news newspaper and a participatory platform, Listen to the world lets you hear the cultures of the world through everyday sounds. Hundreds of programs can be listened to as a podcast on this page, while the evolving platform offers sound postcards and recordings. To date, 245 sound recordings are freely available.