The songs, the mask, partner and origin

The songs the mask partner and origin

How old is the artist 23?

Many people wonder how old 23 is, but there is unfortunately no information about it.

23 songs – what hits has he made?

The hip-hop artist 23 made his artist debut in 2020. And already in 2023 he was one of the ten most played artists on Spotify during the year.

Among other things, he has released the mega-hit “Feeling Myself”. He has also released the songs “Scorpio”, “Trendsetter” and “Beauty & The Beast”.

Did 23 work with C.Gambino?

23 and C. Gambino have released the EP “MOB” together, which then reached first place on the Swedish charts. C. Gambino is another of Sweden’s top hip-hop artists who was murdered in Gothenburg on June 4, 2024.

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What is the origin of the rapper 23?

Many people wonder what the origin of 23 is. He was born in Stockholm but has his roots in Morocco. In many of his songs you can hear words and phrases in both Moroccan and traditional Arabic.

– I only know Moroccan really, I didn’t really grow up with the Arabic dialect. But I mix in some Arabic words because I think that as many people as possible will be able to understand. But I’m actually going to start doing more of that now on my new songs to broaden the audience a bit, more towards Europe. When you bring in stuff like that, it automatically becomes a bigger sound that reaches more people, he says Kingsize Magazine.

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Does 23 come from Vårby?

Yes, it is true that 23 grew up in the Stockholm suburb of Vårby.

Has 23 shown his face without a mask?

There are many who wonder why 23 has chosen not to show his face.

– I get really uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie. 100 percent. You know, lots of people and cameras… that’s not my thing at all. So I’d say that’s primarily why. I want a private life. I love making music but I want to be able to separate the music from the person making the music. The limelight is not for me, he says in an interview with Kingsize Magazine.

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Has rapper 23 gone by his real name?

There are many people who wonder what the rapper 23’s real name is, but he has not revealed that.

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Does the rapper 23 have a family or partner?

The artist 23 has not said anything about his family or a possible partner.

Does 23 have Instagram?

That is absolutely right. 23 names @Twenty-three on Instagram where he has 73,000 followers.

Does 23 have Tiktok?

The rapper’s name is 23 @Detjuritre on Tiktok where he has 49,000 followers. His songs have been widely spread on the platform and, among others, “Savastano” and “Beauty & The Beast” have gone viral.