The son of a great English actor causes a sensation in the latest series – he’s the spitting image of his father

The son of a great English actor causes a sensation

The resemblance of this actor to his famous father is striking. And he is also heading towards success in a new series to watch in streaming.

Dogs do not make cats and the world of cinema regularly proves it to us. It is not uncommon to see the offspring of figures of the seventh art take their turn in front of the cameras, with more or less success. Since January 26, series fans can discover the son of a well-known English actor in the casting of the latest blockbuster series of the moment.

Rafferty Law is in fact one of the (many) actors in the casting of Masters of the Air, series by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks about the American Air Force during World War II. Jude Law’s son plays Sergeant Ken Lemmons and should, thanks to this program, experience a turning point in his modeling career to turn more towards comedy.

Born in 1996, Rafferty Law, nicknamed “Raff Law”, is the eldest son of Jude Law (The Talented Mr Ripley, The Holiday, Closer…) and Sadie Frost (Dracula). The actor couple married in 1997, after five years of dating. They had three children together: Rafferty, Iris Law, model and actress, and Rudy Indiana Otis Law.

The eldest son of Jude Law has made a name for himself in both the music and modeling industries since 2014. A catwalk sensation, Rafferty Law has branched out in recent years to pursue a career as an actor, like his father, whose he is the spitting image. He first appeared opposite Michael Caine and Rita Ora in the film Twistmodern remake of the Charles Dickens classic, released in 2021, before joining the cast of Masters of the Air.

Rafferty Law is the eldest of seven children. His father and mother, however, divorced in 2003. Subsequently, Jude Law had other offspring, from different relationships: Sophia (with the model Samantha Burke), Ada (with Catherine Harding) and two other children whose names are not yet known, with his last wife, Philippa Coan.

You can currently discover the acting talent of Rafferty Law, and have fun playing the seven differences games with his father, in the series Masters of the Air. It is currently broadcast every Friday, one episode per week, on Apple TV+. Subscribers to the Canal+ streaming platform can also have access to it.