the solution of the mysterious star discovered?

the solution of the mysterious star discovered

THE TWELVE BLOWS OF NOON. Will Stéphane find the solution to the mysterious star today within 12 noon shots? We take stock of the clues concerning the enigma.

[Mis à jour le 20 septembre 2022 à 11h18] This Tuesday, Stéphane celebrates his month of participation in the 12 noon shots on TF1. This craftsman-founder already has an impressive career in a short time on Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. And he could add a mysterious new star to his belt if he finds the solution this Tuesday noon. Indeed, thanks to his good answers recorded last Sunday, Stéphane only has 4 more boxes to reveal to discover the face of the star he has been looking for for a few weeks already. At this stage, Stéphane has already won a total of €90,954 in winnings and gifts thanks to his numerous victories in the 12 strokes of noon. Will he discover a mysterious new star today? Response on TF1. In the meantime, here are the clues we have about the midday star so far: a classroom setting, a cactus, a spotlight, a coat hanger, a red heart-shaped balloon, a buoy in the shape of a unicorn. Faced with all these clues, Stéphane recently proposed the name of Pierre Palmade but without success. Previously, he had also tried his luck with Antoine Duléry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Fabrice Luchini, Alice Taglioni, Christian Clavier, Isabelle Adjani, Coluche or Gérard Klein.

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On Tuesday August 23, 2022, Stéphane discovered the solution to the mysterious star of 12 noon shots by revealing the face of actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin. Below, the explanations concerning the solution of the midday star.

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  • Coffee cups: reference to the film A family resemblance
  • The scooter: reference to his first job as a newspaper delivery boy,
  • The magneto: reference to the series Le Bureau des Légendes
  • The garden setting with the ping pong table: reference to the film Les Meilleurs Copains
  • The straw hat: reference to the film The Heart of Men.

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The ranking of the 12 noon shots was turned upside down by Bruno’s participation. Arrived in the game Jean-Luc Reichmann on January 20 November 2021, the master left him on October 5, 2021 after 252 participations with a total of €1,026,107. He thus beats Eric and his 199 entries and a total of €921,316 in winnings. Third, Christian Quesada, who had long remained the all-category champion of the game with 193 participations and €809,392 in winnings. Then comes Paul with €691,522 and 153 participations, as well as Véronique with exactly 100 participations and €447,226 in winnings. Then comes Léo with 98 participations and €410,591 in winnings and finally Timothée with 83 participations and €353,348 in all.

  • Amazonia: in 2011, she supported the Native American leader Raoni Metuktire in his fight against a dam in Brazil
  • The solar panel: it supports the Pacte Finance Climat collective in 2018 for its fight in favor of renewable energies
  • The shark’s jaw: she was the godmother of SOS Grand Requin Blanc in 2006
  • The surfboard: she lives with Bixente Lizarazu, a big fan of surfing
  • The chicken: she dubbed a character in the animated film Chicken Little
  • The dice of the zodiac: she played in the series Zodiac and The Master of the Zodiac
  • The heart-shaped balloon: she is part of the Enfoirés, who fight for the Restos du Cœur
  • The blue bird: she had great success on Twitter for her songs during confinement
  • Christian Quesada, ex-champion of the 12 noon shots, was sentenced to three years in prison for “possession and dissemination of child pornography images” and “corruption of a minor”. Placed in pre-trial detention for a year, the former candidate of the 12 noon shots had admitted the facts of which he is accused but had refuted any physical contact and any sexual assault of the victims. As a reminder, Christian Quesada has long been the holder of the record for participation (193 wins in a row) and winnings (€809,392) for the show. He had participated from July 4, 2016 to January 14, 2017.
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  • Nicknamed Zette, the voice-over of the game Les 12 coups de midi is played by Isabelle Benhadj. Arrived six months after the launch of 12 noon shots in 2010, she had met Jean-Luc Reichmann in 1987 on Fun Radio where she was a host. You can hear his voice in other television programs such as Secrets d’Histoire on France 2.
  • Like the France 2 game Everyone wants to take its place presented by Nagui at the same time at DTT program, The 12 strokes of noon asks candidates to answer general culture questions. For his part, Jean-Luc Reichmann tries to learn more about the lives of the participants and breathes dynamism into the show.
  • The MyTF1 site allows you to view the episodes in live streaming of their broadcast on television. To catch up with them, the channel also lets the latest broadcasts replay for a week.