The snowy weather creates traffic chaos on the E20

It has been snowing in large parts of the country all day and there is currently traffic chaos on the roads in several places. As many motorists have had time to switch to summer tyres, the road conditions become extra slippery.

“Stay home”

There have been several accidents due to the weather and Bengt Olsson The Swedish Transport Administration urges people to stay at home, unless you really have to go out on the roads.

– Far too many people have put on summer tires and try to drive in the snow chaos. Stay at home or postpone your trip if possible, he tells The evening paper.

On the E20, there is a total standstill with hour-long queues northbound, due to the weather.

According to callers to the police, cars have started driving against the direction of travel to avoid queuing and chaos reigns at the scene.

According to the Swedish Transport Administration, the queues between Lyrestad and Hova should be the worst, write The evening paper. The reason is that several trucks and cars are said to have gotten stuck, due to the slippery road conditions,

Due to the snowstorm, the police in the West region decided on Tuesday evening to initiate a special event. This means that a “special organization” is called in to gather forces, the police write on their website.

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