The Snippa verdict is appealed to HD – again

The man was charged with having in June 2021 put his hand inside the panties of a then ten-year-old girl and touched her genitals. He was convicted in the district court of two counts of child rape, but was acquitted in the court of appeal because the court hesitated about what the girl meant by the word “snip” – and considered that it was not proven that penetration had taken place.

The Supreme Court, HD, later ruled that the Court of Appeal had made a mistake in not examining alternative criminal classifications, and the case was then taken up again in the Court of Appeal. The man was then sentenced to three years in prison for two counts of child rape.

Now the man is appealing again. In the first instance, he wants the High Court to set aside the judgment and refer it back to the Court of Appeal for a third review. In the second place, he demands that he be acquitted of the charge and, in the last resort, that HD assess the two rapes as an act and that it should not then be assessed as rape against children.

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The word snipe gained international attention in 2015 – In the video we go through the tours around the word in 60 seconds. Photo: Montage