the Slawomir Krupa method to the test of the crisis – L’Express

the Slawomir Krupa method to the test of the crisis

In this new episode of La Loupe, we paint the portrait of this boss who multiplies savings – and who divides! – with Béatrice Mathieu, senior reporter at L’Express.

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The team: Mathias Penguilly (writing and editing), Charlotte Baris (presentation) and Jules Krot (production).

Credits: BFM TV, France 2, France 24, France Info, France Inter

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon/Studio Torrent

Image credits: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP

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Charlotte Baris: It is a Saturday in January 2008, in a tower in the La Défense district of Paris, which belongs to a large French bank. That day, a small group of businessmen moved around nervously. They have been warned by their supervisory bodies that one of their trader has just carried out a non-regulatory transaction. An operation which could cost this bank, Société Générale, very dearly.

The leaders of “SoGé” – as it is nicknamed – are developing a plan of attack to resell the assets fraudulently purchased by their trader and communicate what this could cost. For several days, there was commotion in the flagship. The bank decides to speak out about its record losses in the midst of a stock market crisis and also chooses to “let go” of its operator, accused of having acted alone, behind the backs of his superiors. His name: Jérôme Kerviel.

Almost a decade of litigation followed between the bank and its former employee. An explosive affair which will bring down the heads of many managers of Société Générale, starting with its deputy director, Jean-Pierre Mustier. If I’m telling you all this, it’s because our protagonist of the day was at the time in Mustier’s shadow. This is his young chief of staff, Slawomir Krupa. Last May, the Franco-Polish businessman took the reins of Société Générale and the least we can say is that he has a lot to do. In this episode, we tell you why Krupa could be the right man to save the bank.

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