The sight on the stadium’s light board showed how big events Huuhkajie’s matches have become – the direction is lost on the field

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Hugely popular Huuhkajat is looking for direction on the field once again. In Monday’s Montenegro match, the stakes are at their peak, writes Urheilu’s Jussi Vainikka.

A ball into the back corner, a run towards the corner flag waving a finger and a small jump at the end of the ventilation. Like this one Teemu Pukin done once before.

The goal from the first proper attack electrified the atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium, but did not really free Finland’s game on the field. The goal was followed by a static period of the game, with the Huuhkajie running down the field unnecessarily.

The serene phase made me think about how normal many things related to Huuhkaji seem today. There is no longer anything miraculous in the number of spectators of more than 20,000 spectators, even on a cool autumn evening and in a match at a late hour. The opponent doesn’t matter either, because people come to the stadium precisely because of the atmosphere created by Huuhkaji and Pohjoikaarte.

The supporters’ stand looks and sounds the same these days, whether it’s Romania or France. The tweet that appeared on the stadium’s light board in the first period summed up well how big events Huuhkajie’s home matches have become.

– For the first time live. An incredible experience, wrote Ville Silver nail.

There are also permanent elements on the field that people come to the stadium to see and that are good to talk about during coffee breaks at workplaces and during recess at school. Pukki rewards ticket buyers with his goals regularly, and Glen Kamaran smooth movement with the ball has already become a concept. It’s no wonder that Monday’s open rehearsals already attracted more than 800 people.

When the thought comes back to the game, mostly question marks come to mind. Romania rattles the goalposts on two occasions and gets level right at the beginning of the second period. One of the permanent elements of the Huhkaj players’ performance seems to have disappeared.

Puki’s goal is not enough for three points this time either, but the Huuhkajie have to settle for the third consecutive winless result.

Huahkajat is currently looking for direction. The pieces of the puzzle must fall into place in the European Championship qualifiers at the latest in the spring. The eternal question of the game system is on the surface again. The system of three strikers and wing-backs does not seem like a wise stone to lean on from game to game with the current players.

In Monday’s match against Montenegro, the stakes are high for Huuhkajie. If there is no victory, there is a risk of relegation to the C level of the Nations League. Then the level of the opponents would drop and there would be fewer possible routes to the next value competitions.

The positive atmosphere radiating around the cheerleaders is threatened if the results don’t start coming soon. However, the best nuances of the spectator experience are always given by the drug of victory.

The match between Finland and Montenegro will be shown on channels. The live broadcast starts on TV2 and Areena on Monday at 21:05. Watch the highlights of the Romania match below.

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