The shootings worse than ever – “It’s the Wild West”

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According to police statistics, 2022 is already the year with the most fatal shootings in the country ever. It is mostly young men who are behind the shootings, which experts believe mainly take place within “criminal environments”.

– There are, of course, those who order murders from a leadership structure, but it is the younger people who drive the murders in the first place, says Detective Inspector Gunnar Appelgren in Aktuellt.

SVT’s crime reporter Diamant Salihu has for some time followed the development regarding shootings in the country. He sees several connections between the increased number of shootings and the unrest and internal conflicts that exist within and between the country’s criminal groups.

– The shootings are, among other things, an effect of territorial conflicts over drugs. It becomes a means of intimidating their rivals and taking over the drug market. It is something that generates an enormous amount of money and consumers are found in all walks of life, says Diamant Salihu in Aktuellt.

Spreading out from big cities

For many years, a large part of the gross violence has been concentrated in the country’s big cities and their suburbs. But recently, it has been seen how the shootings are increasingly taking place in smaller towns.

– In many places, you don’t understand how serious it is. Police, schools and social services need to get better at communicating with each other in order to be able to intervene early on these people who fill up when older leaders are arrested and others are murdered.

Hear SVT’s crime reporter Diamant Salihu tell more about the shootings in the player above.