The SHL superstar’s admirable gesture – which makes the referee profile and Wikegård amazed: “What a hero”

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Leo Komarov is the name of the new big star in Swedish hockey.
In addition to being skilled on the ice, he is also a pure role model on the sidelines.
Like when he saved SHL referee Mikael Nord from hanging up completely with a phone call that really moves you, just ask Niklas Wikegård.

When Luleå agreed with Leo Komarov he became the big prestige signing ahead of the new SHL season. The Finn has moved to Sweden with an impressive 491 games in the NHL, 228 games in the KHL, both Olympic gold and World Cup gold in the bag.

North’s nightmare

For the profiled SHL referee Mikael North it will also be a fond reunion after what happened in the 2015 World Cup when Sweden judged Finland and sent Komarov off with a match penalty. When Nord guested on the Cmore profile Niklas Wikegårds own TV program “Wikegård VS”, Nord talked about his worst memory in his refereeing career.
– The one I took the most beating of all time, he says in a clip on Twitter, see it below.

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220917 Luleå’s Leo Komarov during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Luleå and HV71 on September 17, 2022 in Luleå. Photo: Simon Eliasson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 159 / SE0123

It was precisely the match penalty on Komarov in the WC 2015. The refereeing team perceived a leg tackle, but it was in fact a tackle with the shoulder and thus a wrong decision to send the Finn off.
– We send him off and there will be an outcry like no other. The Finns are anything but happy. So then I get to go home from the WC and there will be newspaper headlines and reports all over the place, the SHL referee tells Wikegård.
– There I get the real mess and I don’t feel well. Even thinking about quitting, for real. I was so broken.

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“What a hero”

But when it was at its worst, a phone call came that changed everything and saved Mikael Nord’s career and reputation.
– Then my phone rings and it’s a foreign number. I answer and on the other end it’s Leo Komarov. He calls me up and we chat a bit. They have apparently gone bananas in Finland on this thing and written us off quite heavily. He felt that they had crossed a line on a wrong decision, so he calls me to do an interview with a Finnish newspaper, says Nord in the interview that you can see below.
– He asks if it is okay for him to say that he has spoken to me and that we have straightened this out.

– What a hero! How cool, replies a very impressed Wikegård.
– It was big, says Nord.
– More than big, I would like to say, adds Wikegård.

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210422 Cmore commentator Niklas Wikegård during semifinal one in the SHL between Växjö and Örebro on April 22, 2021 in Växjö. Photo: Jonas Ljungdahl / BILDBYRÅN / COP 144 / JO0043

But it doesn’t end there. Then the referee goes and gets a shirt that was sent to him. Namely, a genuine Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, the Finn played in the NHL team back then, with Komarov’s name and number on the back as well as his autograph, see the video below.
– Dude, check here! Damn, how cool, exclaims a surprised Wikegård.
– This will arrive in the mail a few weeks later. This is big! And somewhere there you start to understand that you can make mistakes but that you have to learn from it and move on.

What an incredibly nice gesture by new SHL star Leo Komarov. Share the article to pay tribute to the Finn!

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