The SHL great talent opens up about the horror at home – that’s why he was missing in the premiere: “Couldn’t breathe”

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Jättelöftet missed the SHL premiere due to illness.
Now Simon Forsmark opens up about the very difficult time.
– I woke up just before we were to leave and could barely breathe, the 18-year-old tells Nerikes Allehanda.

Örebro Hockey got a very good start to the new SHL season by turning around and winning against Linköping 3-2 after extra time. But one that was missing at Örebro was the big talent Simon Forsmark.

The SHL talent

Due to illness, the 18-year-old could not come to play in the premiere and now it is revealed exactly what has happened to Forsmark. Because the teenager has not had it easy at all during the upload to the new season.

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220819 Örebro’s Simon Forsmark during the training match in ice hockey between Brynäs and Örebro on August 19, 2022 in Tierp. Photo: Tobias Sterner / BILDBYRÅN / COP 254 / TS0081

During the pre-season, the promising back has been plagued by illness for a long time and now he opens up about the difficult time that has been.
– It felt a bit mistimed. You have trained all summer and then you go on this. It felt like you lost everything right away. So it has been a bit tough to come back, he says in an interview with Nerikes Allehanda.

“Ate nothing”

It was in August that the 18-year-old was away with the Junior crowns at a national team camp before a mini-tournament in Finland. But just before leaving for the tournament in Rovaniemi, the worst thing happened for Forsmark.
– I woke up just before we were to leave and could hardly breathe. So I had to go home, he tells the local newspaper.

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211216 Sweden U19 Simon Forsmark during the internal ice hockey match between Sweden U18 and Sweden U19 on December 16, 2021 in Ore. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 173 / DE0084

It turned out to be a throat abscess and young Örebrobacken was bedridden for four days and could not even eat. Forsmark lost five kilos and needed to go through a ten-day course of penicillin in order to fully recover.
– The first week I didn’t eat anything at all, but then when I was able to eat again, I wasn’t allowed to exercise. Then you went up again quite quickly. Now you are probably back at about the same level as before, he says in the interview.

Today, Simon Forsmark is feeling well again and is preparing to return to match play again. Last SHL season last year, there were a total of 41 games and 3 points for the 18-year-old in his first real A-team season.

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