“The Senegalese people have made the choice of rupture”

The Senegalese people have made the choice of rupture

The future president of Senegal, the fifth in the country’s history, whose victory in the first round on Sunday March 24 is no longer in doubt, spoke this Monday evening, after receiving congratulations from Macky Sall.

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The announced winner of the presidential election Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye44, made a public appearance this Monday evening, after the announcement of his spectacular victory in the first round of voting.

I would like to say to the international community, to our bilateral and multilateral partners, that Senegal will always hold its place: it will remain the friendly country and the safe and reliable ally of any partner who engages with us in virtuous, respectful cooperation. and mutually productive “, he said to the press.

Mr. Diomaye Faye intends to bring the idea of ​​changes within the Economic Community of West African States, the ECOWAS : “ I appeal to our African brothers and sisters so that together we consolidate the achievements obtained in the processes of building the integration of ECOWAS while correcting the weaknesses and changing certain methods, strategies and political priorities. »

I will carry out similar actions, with the same self-sacrifice, for the unity and economic and political integration of the continent.

The Senegalese people have made the choice of rupture », considers the future president, the youngest head of state in the history of his country. The break with the system in place. He assures that his “ priority projects » will be « national reconciliation », an overhaul of institutions, the “ strengthening our living together “, ” significant reduction in the cost of living “, ” inclusive, sectoral national consultations on the evaluation and relaunch of public policies “.

The Senegalese have chosen to break away.

Bassirou Diomaye Faye also committed to “ fight corruption ”, and this at all levels. “ This victory is that of all Senegalese and all Senegalese here and in the diaspora “, he said again.

Senegalese, my dear compatriots, foreign guests who live among us, the holding of the presidential election that we have just experienced consecrate above all the victory of the people, of the Senegalese people, in the fight engaged in the defense of their sovereignty and democratic values.

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The next president of Senegal, who has pledged to “ govern with humility, in transparency », made a point of greeting “ posture » of the other candidates « who, without exception, honored a very Senegalese tradition, without even waiting for the proclamation of the official results by the authorized authorities of the State “.

Their messages of congratulations are eloquent testimonies of their greatness, their humility, their attachment to republican values ​​and democratic principles. I salute the president’s posture Macky Sallwhose vigilance and commitment made it possible to guarantee a free, democratic and transparent vote, thus ensuring a result recognized by all the protagonists.

Mr. Diomaye Faye also sent a thought “ for women and young people, an important part of the nation’s resources ”, wishing to fight for “ shorten their suffering and their lack of prospects “. He wishes, through his project, “ help release the creative energy that lies dormant in each of us “.

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