the security situation in the east of the country is increasingly worrying, warns MSF

the security situation in the east of the country is

In recent days, medical structures supported by the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in North Kivu have been confronted with a massive influx of war wounded. At the same time, thousands of people are fleeing recent armed clashes. As civilians and health facilities are trapped in the fighting, humanitarian organizations are urgently appealing to all parties involved in the conflict to ensure the safety of patients, medical staff and healthcare infrastructure.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

In recent weeks, in downtown Mweso, located in the territory of Masisiseveral houses were hit by explosives, causing the deaths of civilians.

According to reports from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), during the week of January 22 alone, approximately 20 civilians lost their lives, including a child, and 41 others were injured.

On February 2, the area between Mweso hospital and the MSF base was hit by an explosive. A week earlier, bullets fired from different directions had hit the MSF base and the Mweso hospital, injuring a member of the healthcare staff.

War wounded

In January, mainly in the last two weeks of the month, MSF medical teams, in collaboration with the Congolese Ministry of Health, treated 67 war wounded, mainly victims of gunshot wounds or explosions. More than fifty of these patients were civilians, including 21 children, because “the battles are happening very close to the city,” explains Nathalia Torrent, MSF response coordinator in Goma.

Nathalia Torrent, MSF response coordinator in Goma


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The conflict, far from easing, is now spreading south and also affecting South Kivu, causing a new wave of displaced people. At the Minova general referral hospital, medical staff treated around thirty injured people between February 2 and 6, according to MSF.

We will do our best but we cannot do it alone.

Nathalia Torrent, MSF response coordinator in Goma


At the same time, member organizations of the International NGO Forum in DRC report worrying reports of targeted killings, enforced disappearances and harassment of civilians by parties to the conflict. As a result, Luc Lamprière, director of the Forum, underlined the urgency of action to protect civilians and guarantee humanitarian access.