The secrets of Patrick Sébastien: cured of cancer

The secrets of Patrick Sebastien cured of cancer

On November 22, 2022, Patrick Sébastien revealed that he had fought kidney cancer. “I’m fine, I’m at peace. What happened to me is what I call a ‘luck’. It’s happened to me twice, he revealed to the Figaro. These are cancers discovered by chance. It happened last January. I did a follow-up ultrasound to see if everything was okay. My doctor Georges saw a small white spot so he had me do an MRI and a biopsy. He eventually discovered cancer. Even though it was 3 centimeters, it was non-invasive and did not require chemo. So I underwent an operation with eight hours of anesthesia. Rehabilitation and recovery were complicated. But two months later, I was on stage. It’s part of life. The word cancer does not scare me. I just didn’t want to publicize it.”
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