The Russians bombed his farm – Yurii pleads for help

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Ukrainian farmers have been forced to leave farmland completely fallow since Russia launched its invasion of the country last year. One of those who had his farm completely destroyed by the Russian attacks is Yurii Mielienovsk, who lives north of Kherson. – We really need support, he says to TV4’s dispatcher on the spot. But despite the violent advance of the Russian soldiers, Yurii Mielienovsky and his father have started buying new equipment and new machines for the farm – giving up is not on the map. – We will stay here and work, slowly but surely even if our houses are destroyed, says Mykola Mazolo, who works as a machinist on the farm. In need of support Yurii Mielienovsky wants to start the spring sowing as soon as possible, but explosive charges, rockets and mines are now rising in the fields. And the purchased metal detector does not go far. – We really need support from Sweden and other friendly-minded countries for the acquisition of machines. We will use the seed, but tillage will be difficult, he says. – As you have seen, all the machines are destroyed and burned. Among Europe’s most fertile soil The soil in southern Ukraine is among Europe’s most fertile, something that has placed the country at the top of the world’s food producers. But the Russian invasion has contributed to reduced grain production from 86 million tonnes in 2021 to 53 million tonnes in 2022 – which in turn has contributed to increased food prices worldwide. See the feature from the farmhouse in the player above.